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Frequently Asked Questions

What do bylaws mean?

Legal Definition of bylaw. 1 : a rule adopted by an organization chiefly for the government of its members and the management of its affairs. 2 : a local ordinance —often used in pl.

What is the purpose of the bylaws?

The Purpose of Bylaws. Bylaws provide for the administration of the strata corporation and for the control, management, maintenance and use and enjoyment of the strata lots, common property and common assets of the strata corporation.

Do corporate bylaws have to be signed?

Normally an LLC does not issue bylaws. The matters should be covered in the operating agreement. If this is an operating agreement, then yes that should be signed by all members and the company.

What are bylaws for?

Bylaws generally provide for meetings, elections of a board of directors and officers, filling vacancies, notices, types and duties of officers, committees, assessments and other routine conduct. Bylaws are, in effect a contract among members, and must be formally adopted and/or amended.

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