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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best recycled barrels?

Typically, the best recycled barrel options come from food and beverage processors, shipping companies, or local distributors who have made collecting these barrels from other companies a part of their business. Because of the size and volume of these recycled plastic barrels, they are very bulky and expensive to ship a great distance.

What can I do with surplus plastic barrels?

We carry a selection of used and unused surplus plastic barrels at great prices. These barrels are in good to great condition and are available in a range of sizes. Like metal barrels, plastic barrels may have been used previously to contain food or chemicals, and can be reused as trash bins, rain barrels, flotation barrels and more.

What are the advantages of plastic barrels?

Plastic barrels are far more affordable than containers made with other materials like metal, wood, or glass. Easy to Modify. If you have unique DIY projects in mind, plastic is easier to work with compared to metal, so these barrels can be a good choice. There are many great ways to repurpose plastic barrels.

What are the barrels made of?

All of the barrels are made from plastic. They were surplus inventory from the manufacturer or were the wrong color. Some of this includes discoloration on the interior of the barrel but this is purely a cosmetic issue. These barrels are ready for their first life in your repurposing projects!

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