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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Premier League balls made by Nike?

Throughout each season Nike releases three Premier League balls including a high-visibility version used during the winter months. There is considerably more technology involved in football than there was when Nike first started creating Premier League balls for the 2000/01 season, and that's not just the introduction of VAR.

How much does a Premier League Soccer Ball cost?

For fans in the U.S., you’re going to need to head to, where the Nike Premier League Flight Soccer Ball is available for $159.99 and is, unfortunately, back ordered to mid August. The Premier League runs all the way to next May though, so that gives you plenty of time to enjoy your new ball while it’s fresh.

How long has the Premier League been using the ball?

Eight years in the making and featuring prominent grooves along the sides, this is unswervingly the most impressive ball that the league has seen in its 28-year history. Having enjoyed the new one so much, we decided to take a stroll back through every single football used in the Premier League since 1992.

What is a Premier League supporters Ball?

Premier League Supporters balls are perfect for soccer drills and practicing foot skills. As Premier League football continues to gain popularity in the U.S., make sure you're ready to show off your love of the game during your next practice.

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