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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Verizon only sell unlocked phones?

Verizon has no choice but to sell unlocked phone via their C block 700 spectrum agreement 5 level 2 maryhadalittlefist · 4y Short version: "Yes" 3 level 1 sevargmas Op · 4y Excellent. Thank you. 1

Does Verizon match prices on their phones?

Verizon will not price match, especially on an iPhone. Verizon priced matched on the phone note 4 (priced matched tmobile) when it was 30$ cheaper and it was edge agreement as well. 30$ given as bill CR. Fios 1024/1024. 12-12-2014, 08:17 PM #7.

Are the iPhones unlocked from Verizon?

Verizon does not carrier-lock the bulk of their iPhones, though the criteria for what is locked and what isn't is generally unclear. If you paid for your iPhone in full when you bought it, it should not be locked; similarly, if your iPhone is on a payment plan that you've completed, it shouldn't be locked.

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