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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outlet cover?

Outlet covers, also known as receptacle covers, are used to cover electrical plugs and switches. Our wall plates come in many different gang set ups. Most common is a two ganged duplex receptacle.We also have wall plates for a number of switch configurations.

How are switch plates and electrical outlet covers made?

All switch plates and electrical outlet covers are created using a very special high resolution printer that prints directly on our heavy duty metal switch plates. There simply are no other decorated switch plates on the planet that can compare to the richness of color and resolution that we can achieve.

Do you sell oversized plastic switch plates?

Quality oversized plastic switch plates are not available. If you need something in between a standard size and jumbo size, you can shop plastic midway light switch covers. If you need a cover plate that is at least 5.5" tall, we recommend metal oversized switchplates.

Why choose switchplates for wall plate covers?

We offer many non-conventional wall plate covers that have become a favorite option among many customers. May it be a combination 2 gang wall plate or a 3 gang combination switch plate, SwitchPlates will work on the cover that you need to finish your remodeling project. Such cute items can never go wrong as gifts for family and friends.

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