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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from light bulbs unlimited?

Since 1985, Light Bulbs Unlimited has maintained its reputation as a unique light bulb store. Though our foundation is selling special lighting and hard-to-find light bulbs, we have evolved into a full-fledged mobile service installing residential and yes, even holiday lighting.

What kind of light bulbs do we sell at Home Depot?

We’re your source for energy-efficient CFL, LED, halogen and fluorescent bulbs. We also carry smart bulbs, headlight bulbs for your vehicle, along with interior, landscape and security lighting for business use. Upgrade your home with innovative smart home products.

What types of light bulbs do you offer?

Our selection of light bulbs includes energy-efficient LEDs and CFLs, automotive and appliance bulbs, fluorescent tubes, halogen and metal halide lamps and much more. Are you in need of tablet screen repair or iPhone battery replacement?

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