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Frequently Asked Questions

What flowers grow in Zone 4?

Many flowering perennials, however, are just starting to bloom. Sedum is a low-growing perennial that is considered excellent for ground cover. This succulent plant has greenish-silver leaves and an abundance of pink flowers. Chrysanthemum, aster and ornamental grasses bloom at the beginning of the Zone 4 winter.

What are Zone 4 shrubs?

Summer Flowering Shrubs. Many varieties are hardy in zone 4 and also have orange and red fall color. Dappled willow ( Salix integra) – Hardy in zones 4-8 this very fast growing shrub is primarily grown for its pink and white foliage. Trim frequently to promote this colorful new growth.

When can I plant in Zone 4a?

Plants that tolerate and even prefer the cool weather can be planted outdoors in zone 4 as early as mid-April. These types of vegetables include: Acclimating them in an outdoor cold frame can increase their chance of survival and ensure a rewarding harvest.

How do you plant fall bulbs?

Planting the Bulbs Plant spring-blooming bulbs in the fall. Plant summer-blooming bulbs in the spring. Dig holes for the bulbs and plant them at the right depth. Space your bulbs properly. Plant the bulbs pointy-side up. Fertilize with bone meal or superphosphate. Cover the bulbs with soil and mulch.

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