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Frequently Asked Questions

When to plant spring bulbs in Texas?

Panting Locat. Where and When to Plant: Here in East Texas most spring blooming bulbs should be planted between late September and early November in well drained soil. The soil can’t be soggy at any time of the year.

When do tulip bulbs bloom in Texas?

You can expect your chilled bulbs to bloom approximately 8 weeks after planting so if you start chilling your bulbs in mid November they would be ready to plant in mid January and you could expect blooms in mid to late March. Some bulbs are sold prechilled. Species tulips are a shorter variety of tulips that naturalize here in Texas.

Can I plant bulbs in the fall?

Planting bulbs in the fall is the primary way to ensure early spring color in the garden and flowerbeds. Some flowers bloom so early in the spring season it’s nearly impossible to get them in the ground quickly enough after it thaws (or warms up in general) to blossom in time.

What are the best plants to plant in a Texas Garden?

Asters make a wonderful border plant for a fall or winter Texas garden. These flowers, which look like pretty purple daisies, thrive in rocky or sandy soil, and they like full sun or partial shade best.

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