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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of plant is a bulb?

Bulb, in botany, a modified stem that is the resting stage of certain seed plants, particularly perennial monocotyledons. A bulb consists of a relatively large, usually globe-shaped, underground bud with membraneous or fleshy overlapping leaves arising from a short stem.

What is the best light bulb for plants?

Fluorescent Lights. Fluorescent lights come in different spectrums. While white light or daylight tubes seem light the best choice for plants, they are less effective than warm-white or cool-white fluorescent tubes. Cool spectrum tubes produce light mainly in the blue range and are good for the vegetative growth phases of plants.

What is the definition of a bulb?

The definition of a bulb is an underground bud of a plant, or something resembling its rounded or elongated shape.

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