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Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED light bulbs worth the money?

LED light bulbs, like the one in the front, have several advantages over traditional bulbs, including a longer lifespan and lower cost . If you shop carefully, the up-front cost isn't much more either. LED light bulbs have several advantages. They turn on nearly instantly, and at full brightness.

Where can I buy light bulbs?

The Home Depot makes it easy to shop for the perfect light bulb. We carry all the light bulb options a person could need. If you need help finding the right light bulb, check out our Types of Light Bulbs buying guide.

How do you recycle a light bulb?

sometimes collect household hazardous wastes only once or twice a year, so residents will have to hold on to their light bulbs until the collection takes place. Other collection agencies provide collection services throughout the year. ... Make sure you check directly with the store before you go; not all stores in regional or nationwide chains may be equipped to recycle, and some stores may recycle only certain types of bulbs (for example, a store may recycle CFLs but not 4-foot fluorescent tubes).

How much does a LED light bulb cost?

On average, a LED light bulb can cost anywhere from $3 to $10 per bulb. While most bulbs come in a single pack, there are multi-packs that contain more than two bulbs. This will all depend on the brand. In the end, plan on spending about $8 or less for a high-quality brand name LED bulb.

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