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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brugger's postural relief exercise?

BRUGGER'S POSTURAL RELIEF EXERCISE Brugger's Postural Relief Exercise strengthens your muscles. It promotes stability and relaxes tight muscles that tighten due to postural stress (see Figure 2). Check the tension in your upper back and shoulders in the slumped posture and then in the postural relief position.

How do I perform the Brugger's relief position?

Performing the Brugger's Relief Position: If sitting: Sit or perch at the edge of your chair. You should feel the "sit bones" just around where the top of your legs meet your butt cheeks. Hold your head up high.

What is the Bruegger exercise?

The Bruegger exercise (some people spell it Brugger) is an exercise that activates the phasic muscles. According to Vladamir Janda some muscles can be categorized as phasic and some as tonic.

What is the best exercise for postural stress?

Brugger’s Postural Relief Exercise promotes stability and relaxes tight muscles that may tighten due to postural stress. 1. Sit with your buttocks at the edge of a chair. 2. Spread your legs apart slightly. 3. Turn your toes out slightly.

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