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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Brugger funeral homes & crematory located?

Contact us at 814-864-4864 or visit us at 1595 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508. Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP is rated 5 out of 5 based on 17 reviews. We chose Brugger West again in March 2021 for our mother's services after the wonderful job they did for our father in 2013.

Where can I find a funeral home in Erie PA?

We offer everything required for funeral and cremation planning in Erie, PA. You are welcome to visit our nearest funeral home to view the facilities. Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP is located at 1595 W 38th St., Erie, PA 16508.

Why choose bodybrugger funeral homes?

Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP was founded in 1894 and has maintained a focus on the community with quality funeral services. For over 125 years, families have received top-notch care and support from this experienced, qualified funeral planning team.

Why choose Erie funeral&cremation services?

We are proud of our long history of providing quality funeral and cremation services to the Erie area. Since 1894, we have had a commitment to provide the highest quality of care and service. We strive to meet all the needs of the families that we serve by respecting their wishes as they relate to death and funeral services.

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