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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the Bruegger exercise?

Bruegger Exercise for Upper Extremities To achieve the starting position: Stand up straight with your hands up at shoulder level, palms facing away from you and band draped across your thumbs in front of your wrists. Leave about two feet of band slack in front of you.

How does Brugger's relief position affect breathing?

Brugger's Relief Position. The muscles in the front (chest, front of shoulders and front of neck) become shortened and tight. This posture distortion also affects breathing by compressing the diaphragm and encouraging excessive breathing from the shoulder and neck areas.

What muscles does the Brugger exercise use?

The Brugger exercise uses the antagonistic muscles, those that extend the thumb, fingers, wrist, and extend and externally rotate the shoulders.

What is the Best Micro break for posture?

Micro-breaks. It may be helpful to set reminders on your computer or phone. One of the most effective micro-break exercises is the Brugger's Relief Position developed by a European neurologist. Studies show it will help to reduce tension, improve breathing and improve posture within just a few weeks of practice.

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