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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Brooks Library?

Please come to the Brooks Library first floor service desk, call 509-963-3682, or email [email protected] for assistance. Select Music Library equipment is available for use in room 355C. The CWU-Des Moines Library and CWU-Lynnwood Library will reopen once their host campuses are able to do so.

What is the CWU Learning Commons?

The CWU Learning Commons welcomes all students to engage in academic excellence. Students who wish to succeed in the classroom are invited to work with us to develop skills and habits that accelerate learning and deepen understanding of course content through our peer-to-peer collaboration model.

What books does CWU have access to?

CWU has access to the following titles: 21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook; Encyclopedia of Journalism; Handbook of Collaborative Management Research; The Handbook of Cross-Cultural Management Research; The SAGE Handbook of Film Studies; The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication; The SAGE Handbook of Hospitality Management.

What services does CWU offer?

All CWU students also have access to eTutoring through the Northwest eConsortium. Students are encouraged to use these services throughout the quarter. Mission, Vision, & Values Mission The Learning Commons empowers students to pursue academic excellence. Vision

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