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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brockway & Smith?

Brockway & Smith made a very modest start occupying not over one thousand feet of floor space in part of a building located on Broad Street in Lynn, Massachusetts. At the foot of Market Street, formerly known as a hotel by the name of “The Railroad House,” they dealt not only in doors and windows, but in hardware and paint as well.

Who is Brosco millwork?

BROSCO is the leading distributor of quality doors and millwork products in the northeast. As a fourth generation family owned and operated millwork distributor we earn our reputation for offering the finest quality millwork for the building professionals. Click here to find a BROSCO dealer nearby that carries the product you’re looking for!

Who were Louis G Brockway and Fred Smith?

In 1890, the year following the Great Lynn fire in Massachusetts, a partnership was formed between Louis G. Brockway and C. Fred Smith under the name of Brockway & Smith. they took over the going concern of Burnham & Company, Mr. Brockway having already purchased the interest of Mr. Burnham, with whom he had been a partner in this business.

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