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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brockway Motor Company?

Like many manufacturers, the Brockway Motor Company could trace its roots back to the era of carriages. Formed by Willam Brockway in 1875, the company turned its attention to truck production in 1912. Many of their creations were custom… more» 183 Lot Auction! Gab Joiner Collection

Are Brockway tractors still in production?

Many town's fleets were exclusively Brockway, and the brand continues to enjoy a rabid fan base a good 40 years after the last Brockway rolled out of its Central Ave. factory. For consignment a Brockway tractor for the big wheel man who wants to haul in classic style.

How much is a 1971 Brockway worth?

Find this 1971 Brockway here on craigslist for $1,400. It’s hard to be sure if this model falls into the time period when Brockways were still independently owned, but legend has it their cabs featured hand-made sheetmetal designs, giving these workhorses an air of exclusivity not often seen in the commercial trucking world.

Where did the Brockway come from?

This is a somewhat rare Brockway, which hails from Cortland, New York, where it was likely originally manufactured. Now residing somewhere near Zanesville,… more»

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