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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the elevation of the Brockway Mountain in Michigan?

Brockway Mountain is a 1,320-foot-tall (400 m) volcanic landform on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan about five miles (8.0 km) west of Copper Harbor. The top of the mountain is 720 feet (219 m) above the level of Lake Superior. The peak was named for Daniel D. Brockway, local pioneer settler, postmaster and state road commissioner.

What is Brockway Mountain Drive?

Since it opened, Brockway Mountain Drive has been recognized nationally and locally in several media outlets for its picturesque qualities, usually in profiles of Keweenaw County, the Upper Peninsula or other scenic drives. The road can be accessed from either Eagle Harbor or Copper Harbor and serves as a scenic loop off M-26.

How do I get to Brockway?

To gain access to Brockway from the east, head into town on US41 and turn left (west) at the blinking stop light onto M-26. Roughly half a mile later you will see signs for Brockway Mountain Drive. Turn left onto this road, and prepare to use your low gears!

Is there a ski hill at Brockway Mountain?

During the winters of 1946/47 and 1947/48, a ski hill was operated down the roadway on the western end. In February 2013, Eagle Harbor Township purchased 320 acres (130 ha) at the top of Brockway Mountain with plans to refit the Skytop Inn to serve as a visitors center.

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