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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cook braising steak?

To cook braising steak first of all brown the meat by frying it gently in a frying pan until the outside is lightly cooked. This seals in the juices. Now transfer it to a casserole dish or similar, with a lid.

How to cook steak and gravy in a casserole?

Place the casserole over a medium–high heat and simmer for 2–3 minutes, or until the gravy reduces and becomes thickened and glossy, stirring regularly. Transfer the steaks to four warmed plates and spoon over the gravy. Serve with chips.

What type of steak is often used in a casserole?

Braising steak is often used in a casserole. Mostly nowadays "Chuck" steak is sold for braising steak and is often used in "Casseroles".

What is the difference between braising and casseroling?

There is a technical difference between Braising and casseroling (which is like stewing). Braising is cooking slowly in a closed container with the least amount of liquid. The moist heat circulates around the meat and slowly cooks it. Casseroling or stewing requires full immersion of the meat in it’s cooking liquid.

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