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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dark Bowser?

He is voiced by Alan, and his angry voice is Shouty. He is a WeatherStar4000Video character who gets grounded by his parents. Dark Bowser was born on January 4, 2001, in Washington. His family moved to GoAnimate City in 2010. Dark Bowser got his first grounded series.

Who is the Dark Bowser in Mario & Luigi?

Dark Bowser is the main antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He acts as the game's final boss. His true form is the Dark Star .

What is the difference between Dark Star and Bowser?

His eyes are identical to the Dark Star 's own, but seems to entirely lack Bowser's eyebrows. The rings around his spikes and horns are colored black, and the most noticeable difference from Bowser and Dark Bowser is that Dark Bowser has a black mohawk. His sprites also has dark orbs float across his body.

How does Dark Bowser speak in dark Fawful?

When Dark Bowser inhales Dark Fawful and is completed, he begins to speak in more natural Japanese, with kanji and no pauses. Aside from text dialogue, Dark Bowser's roars and grunts are provided by Kenny James, who also voices the original Bowser. Dark Bowser breathing fire at Bowser.

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