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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bowser's Fury?

In Bowser’s Fury, you will be able to take control of Mario in a 1-2 player adventure quite unlike Super Mario 3D World’s gameplay. You will find that controlling Mario takes on more of a mix of 3D World and Mario Odyssey, as the mode lets you control the camera movement in a large open space with multiple “Cat Shines” to collect.

How much is the Lego Bowser set?

The new Lego Bowser set will be available October 1st for $270. It’s just one of the many, many pricier sets the company is releasing now that it’s building for adult budgets. Here’s a shortlist of others we’ve covered recently:

How do you beat Bowser in Lego Mario?

Kids will love battling the final boss Bowser, stomping on the flippers with LEGO Mario (figure not included) to raise Bowser’s arms and get to the Time Block and Question Block, then shaking the bridge until he falls over

How much does the Mighty Bowser cost?

The Mighty Bowser™ LEGO® Super Mario™ Price$269.99 Available now Decrease Quantity Increase Quantity Limit 5 Limit We restrict the limit a household can buy in order to be fair to all of our fans. If you’ve already reached that limit through previous orders your entire order may be cancelled. Add to Bag Earn Double VIP Points on purchases 2/10-2/16

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