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Frequently Asked Questions

Why bourbon barrels must be new?

Used barrels don’t produce spirits with the same level of consistency as a new one, and for big brands like Beam and Sazerac, consistency is critical. And finally, to be called bourbon in America, a spirit is required by law to be aged in a new barrel. The reasoning behind this law has been the subject of much speculation.

Should I age in a bourbon barrel?

You can age it a long time but the downside will be increased oxidation and infection risk. Most places barrel age 3-6 months in the big barrels and so you're talking 1.5-3 months on a 1st use 5-6 gallon barrel comparatively. 2 weeks may be a little early so stick with your plan to check it at a month or 2 and go from there.

What are bourbon barrels made of?

The release — billed as Ohio's bourbon treasure hunt — includes Crème de la Crème Brulée, Watershed’s only remaining barrel created from its original five-grain mash bill, or mix of grains used to make bourbon. Things to do: Kentucky tequila and bourbon hall announces opening date for two Columbus locations

Where to buy Barrell Bourbon?

Talk to your Mint Julep Tours experience coordinator or tour leader about the best bars, restaurants and liquor stores in Louisville or around Kentucky to find hand-selected single barrel bourbons. Many local spots, like Doc Crow’s, Haymarket Whiskey Bar and Liquor Barn, frequently do their own selections to serve or sell.

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