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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vah Medoh hard to beat in BOTW?

Even so, there are Divine Beasts that are more difficult to beat than others. Vah Medoh is found flying high in the northwest corner of Hyrule’s map. Vah Medoh was once piloted by the Rito Champion Revali, who was later destroyed by Windblight Ganon. Vah Medoh is perhaps the least difficult of the four Divine Beasts in BOTW.

What is the meaning of Vah Medoh?

For the Main Quest of the same name, see Divine Beast Vah Medoh (Quest). Divine Beast Vah Medoh (pronounced / ˈmɛd.oʊ / MED-oh) is a Divine Beast and Dungeon in Breath of the Wild. It is a giant machine that is in the shape of an eagle.

How to Complete Divine Beast Vah Medoh?

Divine Beast Vah Medoh 1 Solving the Divine Beast Vah Medoh puzzles and finding the terminals 2 Two treasure chests 3 Getting the map 4 Terminal 1 and a treasure chest 5 Terminal 2 6 Terminal 3 7 Terminal 4 8 Terminal 5 9 The final, main terminal 10 Windblight ganon boss fight 11 Finishing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest

How do you control Vah Medoh?

It also enables divine beast controls. There are three points of movement: Level (center), curled up (high) and curled down (low). Stand overlooking the drop down from where you got the map. Use the map to tilt Vah Medoh’s wings to the highest position.

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