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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find shrines in Zelda BOTW?

Zelda BoTW shrines map. The map is divided into regions for easier usage. Click the region name to get a more detailed description of all the shrine locations in it. Great Plateau: 1-4. West Necluda: 5-16. East Necluda: 17-23. Faron: 24-32. Gerudo (Desert & Highlands): 33-52. Hyrule Ridge: 53-60.

What are the shrines in West necluda?

It consists of two major areas – West and East Necluda. While wandering the second area, West Necluda, you’ll be able to complete several Shrines: Bosh Kala – On the Hylia river, near Proxim bridge.

Where is west necluda in breath of the wild?

The West Necluda is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. West Necluda is one of the main regions of Hyrule, situated just east of the Great Plateau and Hyrule Field. As its name suggests, it makes up the western part of the Necluda province.

How do shrines appear on the breath of the wild map?

Each tower unlocks a portion of Breath of the Wild ’s map, and the shrines that appear in those regions appear beneath the region names below. The shrines added with The Champions' Ballad DLC appear in green on each map.

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