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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pointcrow mod worth it?

Even if you don't want to do those things, play along because it's worth it. This is not a conventional mod using Gamebanana for exposure. This mod references many things in PointCrow's community, and his Twitch chat wanted a public release so I went ahead and released it.

Does pointcrow die?

Spoiler: PointCrow absolutely dies. There’s a death counter during the stream and everything. During one portion, he steps within the confines of an island surrounded by Lynels who all activate at the same time, causing a massive unavoidable explosion. Just watching the Lynels spawn in is a lot of fun.

Does pointcrow die in Dark Souls 2?

Initially, there’s a lot of running away, especially as PointCrow visits areas clustered with enemies. Eventually, however, he has to get the Hylian shield — which means taking on multiple Golden Lynels in confined spaces. Spoiler: PointCrow absolutely dies.

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