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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BOTW modding database Wiki?

Welcome to the BOTW Modding Database Wiki This wiki is to help people modding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Wii U or the CEMU Emulator. This includes the locations of different items of interest in the game files, instructions on how to modify them, and tutorials for both creating and installing mods.

Are there any good breath of the wild mods?

And yes, there are some seriously awesome Breath of the Wild mods that you can download right now, that range from really heckin' useful, to downright strange.

Are there any mods for Zelda BOTW?

These Zelda BOTW mods will change your weapons, shields, outfits, and even some of the NPCs in the game. Remember that they only change the visuals, so there won’t be any boosts to any of the stats of the original weapons or shields.

What is the crafting project Mod in breath of the wild?

As we’ve mentioned before, keeping up with your weapon’s durability can be pretty limiting while exploring the vast expanse that is Breath of the Wild’s map. The Crafting Project mod aims to alleviate the situation by letting you craft your own arsenal – provided you have the required materials, which you’ll have to gather from all around.

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