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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to install mods in BOTW?

Sure, you can get one or two mods running fine without much trouble. But once they start piling up, you’ll begin noticing odd bugs and crashes all the time. Installing mods through the BCML will keep your game nice and stable for the most part – and it’s simply the easiest way to go about modding BotW.

Are there any Zelda BOTW mods that are random?

So, get ready as we go through some of the most random mods which are not only good but also funny. These Zelda BOTW mods will change your weapons, shields, outfits, and even some of the NPCs in the game. Remember that they only change the visuals, so there won’t be any boosts to any of the stats of the original weapons or shields.

Are there any good breath of the wild mods?

And yes, there are some seriously awesome Breath of the Wild mods that you can download right now, that range from really heckin' useful, to downright strange.

Is there a way to load BOTW mods as Cemu graphics?

I recently looked into mods for BotW, and there is a tool called BCML which allows you to load BotW mods as a Cemu Graphics pack. They have a great guide on their GameBanana page on how to get everything set up, and it is very easy to do. I’ve been installing plenty of mods to try out and I’ve been having a fun time with it.

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