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How many breath of the wild memes are there?

So what better way to celebrate this awesome addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise than with an abundance of hilarious memes. Here are 10 Breath of the Wild memes that poke fun at the game's logic (or lack thereof).

How many Zelda memes are there?

Then we went through and discarded what wasn’t funny and posted our 100 favorites from what was left. These are our top 100 Zelda memes. One does not simply …

Is it time to revisit some of the worst locations in BOTW?

With Breath of the Wild 2 hopefully coming soon, it's time to revisit some of them. If there’s a terrible location in Breath of the Wild, it’s the Shrine enclosed in the maze made of flowers. Magda, their guardian, will lose her cool and reset you right back to the outside edge of the maze if you so much as clip one with Link’s little toe.

Is BOTW still good?

BOTW is still great. Change my mind Sorry, Zelda. Seems about right. Botw Fast food Don’t read this. Why you read this True. Why Link?!

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