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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is linklink (breath of the wild)?

Link (Breath of the Wild) Sex Male Height 1.54 m Weight Around 8.5 Hyrule apples Alignment Lawful Good 4 more rows ...

Who is link in breath of the wild?

Link is the main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 10,000 years ago, an ancient evil known as Calamity Ganon attacked the kingdom of Hyrule.

Should you buy the breath of the wild art book?

If you needed another reason to buy the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild art book, we’ve got one for you. First of all, how many reasons do you need? The quality of the concept art in this book is insane. Secondly, if you ever wanted to know if Link looked like a Ken doll, ya know… down there, then this book is for you.

How tall is Zelda Link height and weight?

Link Series The Legend of Zelda: Age 17-20 (Physically) 117-120 (Biologically) Birthday Unknown Sex Male Height Around 1.75-1.80 meters Weight Around 8.5 Hyrule apples Alignment: Lawful Good

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