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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kilton do in breath of the wild?

Kilton is a character in Breath of the Wild. Kilton is a monster fanatic who owns the Fang and Bone traveling shop where he sells monster-related wares. Kilton is first heard of through rumors told by travelers about a shop specializing in monsters set on the "left eye" of Skull Lake in Deep Akkala.

How do you get to Kilton’s shop in the forest?

You’ll have to visit at night (or go there, then build yourself a fire) to find Kilton. Talk to him, and he’ll eventually announce that he’s going to open his shop, Fang and Bone. He’ll disappear, and you’ll be able to visit his shop whenever you want.

Is it worth it to buy from Kilton’s shop?

While Kilton’s inventory isn’t massive, the items available at Fang and Bone are well worth looking into. Most of the items are high-value pieces of gear you can wear, and you can only buy them at Fang and Bone. Below, we’ll list the items available at Kilton’s shop.

Where can I find Kilton in Wow?

The easiest to get to of Kilton’s locations is just to the southwest of Zora’s Domain. It’s immediately behind Dagah Keek shrine — it’s pretty hard to miss. What is mon? Kilton has his own currency that only he uses. He’ll give you mon in exchange for mon ster parts. The rarer the monster item, the more mon you’ll get for it.

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