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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Epona in BOTW?

How to get epona in botw? The Best way is using amiibos, the Link (Twilight Princess) and Super Smash Bros - Link all can summon Epona in Breath of the wild (botw) will help you easily get epona.

What happened to Epona the horse in breath of the wild?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features many Wild Horses that Link can tame and rise. Some of which can even be found in Side Quests. However, Link's iconic horse, Epona, is missing from the game - but can be obtained through very specific means.

How to get Epona the horse in Super Smash Bros?

If Epona still does not appear, scan a different Amiibo (even a non- Zelda Amiibo should work) and then scan again the Smash Bros. Series Link Amiibo. Unlike Wild Horses, Epona can be mounted with ease and does not need to be tamed. However, if you wish to keep and ride Epona, then you must register the horse at a stable as soon as possible.

Why doesn't Epona appear the first time I summon her?

If Epona does not appear the first time, that means she cannot be summoned in your current area. Go to a place where wild horses can be found and try again (either revert to an earlier save file to try again immediately or wait 24 hours to attempt again).

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