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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You dye your armor in breath of the wild?

You're likely to encounter it in your first several hours playing Breath of the Wild, but if you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to dye your armor or clothing because you won’t have collected what you need. In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need and save you some time (and confusion).

What is the best armor set in BOTW?

In BOTW, "best armor" can be situational much of the time, but there will be very few instances where this armor won't serve you well. There is one fantastic quality that makes this set some of the best armor: Breath of the Wild has a ton of combat, so a boost to your attack is extremely helpful.

Where can I dye my armor in Hyrule?

There's a specialty dye shop located only in Hateno Village, in the far West Necluda area of Hyrule. Once there, look for the large building with colored vials - the Kochi Dye Shop - and speak to the man, Sayge, inside. For 20 Rupees, you can dye all of the armor you are currently wearing - plus five ingredients that match the color you desire.

What are armor items in breath of the wild?

Armor are items of clothing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link can don a great variety armor items to defend himself with, keep warm, or just look plain stylish. Armor items include caps, tunics, trousers, jewelry, masks and unique pieces of armor awarded for completing side quests.

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