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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best armor is BOTW?

The best armor in BOTW, and where to find it Snowquill outfit. You aren't going to get far in Breath of the Wild without gear that protects you from cold weather. ... Rubber armor. ... Flamebreaker armor. ... Zora armor. ... Climbing set. ... Ancient armor. ... Armor of the Wild. ... Tingle's costume. ... Phantom armor. ... Phantom Ganon set. ... More items...

Where to find climbing gear BOTW?

The Climbing Gear can be found on a small island located at the South-Eastern shore of Hyrule. It is in the Chaas Qeta Shrine. The island is quite small so you won’t have a hard time locating the shrine.

How to get barbarian armor BOTW?

How to Get Barbarian Armor: You’ll need to complete the North Lomei, South Lomei, and Lomei Labyrinths. Fight through the mazes to reach the shrines, where each piece of armor rests.

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