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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the new breath of the Wild 2 trailer mean?

The new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer was the opposite of what Nintendo primed fans for back in 2019. It showed the Hyrule we knew from the original BOTW game, from a much higher vantage point – and instead of delving deeper underground, it lifted Link up into the skies.

What will BOTW 2’s full name be?

Continuing down this line, Courtney has suggested that the full name of BOTW 2 (still being kept under wraps by Nintendo) could be something like “Demise of the Wild”, making reference to Breath of the Wild and the corruption caused by Demise.

Is the skeleton in the BOTW 2 trailer ganandorf's?

After analyzing the trailer and cross-referencing it with the Gerudo alphabet, the Zelda fans on 4chan’s video game message board translated the text in the teaser to read: Seal Ganon. This seems to confirm that not only is the skeleton in the Botw 2 trailer Ganandorf’s, but that he was sealed away under Hyrule Castle — until now.

Is BOTW 2 time traveling?

The BOTW 2 trailer generated a lot of hype already, but many are speculating that the game has some sort of time travel element or at the very least, the ability to manipulate time in some way. Not only is there backward music, but Link can be seen reversing the entropy of an object as if he's the protagonist in Tenet.

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