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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bootstrap dropdown checkbox?

Responsive Dropdown checkbox built with Bootstrap 5. The bootstrap dropdown checkbox is a component that combines dropdown and checkbox. Add checkboxes to the dropdown to get a dropdown checkbox. Also, if you want to support our friends from Tailwind Elements you can also check out the Tailwind dropdown documentation.

Does Bootstrap 5 support multiselect?

The problem is that bootstrap 5 no longer supports the multiselect that was used in Bootstrap 4 and older. There used to be a CSS class called "selectpicker" that was used in these dropdowns to select multiple of the options. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Where can I find the latest bootstrap-select plugin?

Updated bootstrap-select website: and github repository: in order to find the latest 1.13+ versions of the plugin which work with bootstrap 4. @dippas selectpicker is working as expected, I need to have select "ALL" option as well.

How to display secondary text in select dropdown?

A custom content container with a class .select-custom-content will be displayed at the end of the select dropdown. Use visibleOptions option to change the number of options that will be displayed in the select dropdown without scrolling. Add secondary-text data attribute to the specific options to display secondary text.

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