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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change bootstrap checkbox size in CSS?

The best way to change bootstrap checkbox size in CSS is by using the scale property. Getting started About MDB About Material Minimal Installation Tutorials Optimization Changelog Supported Browsers VSC snippets RTL Internationalization (i18n) Webpack Vite Parcel Gulp UI KIT generator Free starter templates MDB Pro About MDB Pro

What is the default width for controls in Bootstrap?

Controls and input groups receive width: auto to override the Bootstrap default width: 100%. Controls only appear inline in viewports that are at least 576px wide to account for narrow viewports on mobile devices.

What are the input types in Bootstrap 4?

Bootstrap 4 supports almost all the input types of HTML forms such as text, number, email, password, color, URL, date, time, month, week, and so on. Follow the below steps to create a basic Bootstrap input. Wrap the <input> element (and the <label> element *) in a <div> element with the .form-group class.

How to create a custom checkbox?

Follow the below steps to create a default custom checkbox. Wrap an <input type=”checkbox”> element and a <label> element in a <div> element with the .custom-control class and the .custom-checkbox class. Add the .custom-control-input class to the <input type=”checkbox”> element.

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