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Frequently Asked Questions

Is boosteroid really that bad?

On a side note, I've found the boosteroid service to be highly unstable, so far I'm experiencing on average a 50% failure rate where games would crash during gameplay and the slight annoyance of games not starting up first time due to server issues. I am from Romania where the Boosteroid servers are located.

Is boosteroid worse than GeForce Now?

It's not. Between Vortex and Boosteroid I don't know which is worse but they don't have the server capacity to get a good experience like GeForce Now, they do run on 1080 and their PCs seem decent enough to not have problems but the lag coupled with the game being run on the Browser makes it to be a horrible experience.

Will there be a boosteroid giveaway for 2K20?

In 2k20, there was a big giveaway on Boosteroid, along with a promo code for the first subscription. Hopefully, there will be something similar this year. Does anyone have any HQ wallpapers for a desktop/phone wallpaper. Does anyone have Contact info for VFS global in Canada.

What internet speed do you need to play boosteroid?

With 500 mb / s internet speed connected by cable, on Boosteroid I have frequent frame drops and the inpulag is large, you can't hit anything when you play. News and discussion on cloud gaming.

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