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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book A Genius Bar appointment?

The easiest way to book a Genius Bar appointment is via an iOS or iPadOS device. When signed in to your Apple ID on one of these devices, booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment is really effortless, thanks to the ever-useful Apple Support app. If you don't already have it installed, you need to download Apple Support from the App Store first. 1.

What is the Genius Bar in the Apple Store?

The Apple Store is a glorious place to shop for all of your Apple device and accessory needs, but they can also help you with questions and repairs. The Genius Bar inside of the Apple Store is the official place to get assistance with your Apple device hardware issues. Let's look at how to book a Genius Bar appointment next time you need one.

How do I get help with Genius Bar?

The Genius Bar site has information for help via chat, phone, or email for software-based issues, as well as reservation assistance if you have hardware issues. To make a reservation, scroll down the page and click on the blue "Get Hardware Help" button. To book an appointment, you must have a hardware issue.

How do I make an Apple Store appointment?

You can easily make an Apple Store appointment using either an Internet browser or an Apple device. Head to the Apple Store app or website, and choose a nearby Apple location. Include the device and reason for the appointment and select a convenient date and time. Within minutes you can easily make your appointment so you can fix your Apple device.

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