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Frequently Asked Questions

What is New York health insurance?

Healthy NY; Health Insurance for the Uninsured. Uninsured workers whose employers do not provide health insurance may also purchase comprehensive coverage directly through the Healthy NY program. New York Medicaid Program. Medicaid is a program for New Yorkers who can't pay for medical care.

Is boat insurance required in New York State?

While boat insurance is not required in New York to register a boat with the DMV, it's a good idea to get insurance in place for your personal watercraft.

What is New York automobile insurance?

New York car insurance requirements. This coverage pays for others’ injuries and damage to other drivers’ cars when you cause an accident. Personal injury protection (PIP) is also required. It covers you, your passengers and other authorized drivers of your car who are injured while in your car.

What is New York State Insurance?

The New York State Insurance Department was the first insurance department or agency in the United States to establish a capital markets group to examine and measure the risks in insurer investment practices, and was the first state to recognize the importance of segregating multiple lines insurance from financial guaranty insurance as a means of ...

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