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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hook up Bluetooth to computer?

How To Hook your phone up to your computer using bluetooth. Keep only one phone around the computer while doing this. On the phone go to options, discovery mode and ensure discovery mode is ON. Then go to 'horizon' > menu > settings and tools > Bluetooth menu > add new device. Now on your computer go to Bluetooth and ensure discovery mode is ON.

What is the purpose of Bluetooth on a PC?

Functions of a Bluetooth device on a PC are vast. Because Bluetooth technology requires a low-bandwidth transmission, many computer patrons adapt to it for communicating with people over the Internet. For example, when making a video call via a Web cam, Bluetooth allows for hands-free operation.

Does my computer support Bluetooth?

To make use of Bluetooth functionality in your computer, check first if your computer is already Bluetooth-enabled. There are some computers that already have Bluetooth support. You can check your computer if it is Bluetooth-enabled by launching the 'Control Panel' and then search for the Bluetooth icon.

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