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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLP about?

BLP is focsed on new product development and service. BLP is adding another Pallet system and a third lathe this year in order to better keep up with demand along with create the ability to create new products to our already vast line of performance products.

What is BLP fuel system?

BLP designs and manufactures high quality performance racing fuel systems, drive components and engine accessory parts. Along with performance Holley® modified carburetors, BLP Billet Xtreme carburetors, gaskets, belt driven fuel pumps, fuel logs and regulators.

Why choose BLP carburetors?

BLP Carburetors are designed to perform the necessary functions to be competitive in today’s hi-tech racing. Every BLP Carburetor has been selected and modified to provide easy starting, good clean idling, smooth R.P.M. transition and efficient wide-open throttle operation.

Why use BLP in product family design?

The BLP used in product family design has unique characteristics. When Agile Data Solutions was still in its infancy, Henry used BLP services often. Tejpreet S Chopra, president & CEO of BLP, said, 'The Indian power sector has doubled its capacity in the last 10 years and is projected to add another 100GW in next five years.

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