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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blotter used for?

English Language Learners Definition of blotter : a large piece of blotting paper that is placed in a stiff frame on top of a desk : a book used in a police station for writing down information about people or events See the full definition for blotter in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is a deal blotter?

Related Terms A deal blotter is a trader's record of all the transactions executed on a given day. The deal blotter contains basic information pertinent to the transactions for the day.

What is a blotter in forex trading?

What Is a Blotter? A blotter (also called a deal blotter or trade blotter) is a physical or digital record of all trades made over a period of time (usually one trading day) along with their relevant details. The details of a trade will include such things as the time, price, order size, and a specification of whether it was a buy or sell order.

What is barangay resident information system with blotter?

Barangay Resident Information System with Blotter and Certificate Issuance System Free Download Source code Client/Resident Records - this module includes the personal information of the resident such as name, gender, contact, occupation, civil status, educational attainment and other relevant information.

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