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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our blotter papers?

Whether you have leather desk blotters or you are using rubber desk protectors to keep office desks stain-free, our blotter papers can add a bit of flair and personal style to your workplace apart from sufficing your functional requirement.

Do you stuff desk blotters with paper?

However, in order to ensure desk blotters to perform at their best, it is necessarily required to stuff the pads with right blotting paper sheets. Carefully picked blotter papers can not only add the finishing touch to your desk pads but also serve the purpose of providing a note taking space.

What is a blotting sheet made of?

Made from natural linen fibers and organic bamboo charcoal, these blotting sheets rapidly absorb excess facial oil and control shine. . Rice powder, which is the core ingredient in this product, has been used in beauty for generations and is known for its ability to absorb oil and keep your makeup looking fresh.

Does blotting paper remove makeup Shine?

We all have those moments during the day when we realize our matte makeup has turned into an oily mess. Luckily, blotting paper exists to get rid of the shine. With a couple swipes over your face, these absorbent sheets remove excess oil and restore your skin’s shine-free finish.

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