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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register custom event in Blazor?

Register the custom event with the preceding handler in wwwroot/index.html (Blazor WebAssembly) or Pages/_Host.cshtml (Blazor Server) immediately after the Blazor <script>: The call to registerCustomEventType is performed in a script only once per event. public class CustomEventArgs : EventArgs { public string?

Does Blazor take checked="@someboolean"?

Blazor will take checked="@someboolean" and correctly render "checked" or nothing. I don't remember why I used @onclick, but this is from live and working code, so hopefully it works for you. This worked, your right I was painfully close haha. Thanks so much. Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged or ask your own question.

How do I delegate event handlers in Blazor?

This article explains Blazor's event handling features, including event argument types, event callbacks, and managing default browser events. Specify delegate event handlers in Razor component markup with @on {DOM EVENT}=" {DELEGATE}" Razor syntax: The {DOM EVENT} placeholder is a Document Object Model (DOM) event (for example, click ).

How to use @bind and @onchange in checkbox markup?

Or Use @bind="@item.Checked" in the checkbox markup and then raise an event when the checked state for one of checkboxes changes? Since there no way how you can use @bind and @onchange you have to make changes purely in the code. Simplest way for you to do that is to use lambda to capture item

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