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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the true meaning of Black History?

Teaching through Black history indicates that Black histories are narratives that center the Black experience. It is a unique history that diverges from white interests. Black histories are their own historical entity where narratives are focused on Black historical perspectives and ideas.

How is "black history" defined?

Black history, as practiced today, is interconnected with all of these other sub-fields in U.S. history as well as with the study of Black Americans descended from other countries. Many of today's historians would probably agree with Du Bois' inclusive definition of African American history as the interaction of African, American, and African American peoples and cultures.

Why is black history so important?

Black History is also important because there are many forces today, right now in America, which wants to reset the clock and go backwards in time to those racist days when Black people were white property and considered little more than beasts of burden.

What are some facts about Black History?

Black history facts reveal that the first slaves were brought to America in the 16th century as a low-cost labor force for plantations that were established in the New World in the decades that followed European discovery of the continent. Most of them came from West Africa and Central Africa.

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