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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackboard Learn?

Unplanned (Vital Needs) Absence Policy (all curriculum years) Blackboard Learn (BBL) is the comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) sponsored by UMass Online utilized by the University of Massachusetts 5 campus system. Our campus uses the LMS for online course content and teaching and learning collaboration.

How do I access blackboard at UMass Lowell?

There are two instances of Blackboard for UMass Lowell, one hosted by the Graduate, Online & Professional Studies (GPS) and On-Campus Blackboard, support by Information Technology (IT). Access to both systems can be found on the Blackboard Portal.

How do I access UMass Lowell online&continuing education courses?

To log in, download the Bb Student App, then select "UMass Lowell Day School" for On-Campus Blackboard. To access OCE courses, log out of the application completely and select “UMass Lowell Online & Continuing Education”.

How do I access the on-campus and Blackboard?

Access to both systems can be found on the Blackboard Portal. Inside both instances of Blackboard there is a link at the top right of the window to toggle to the other instance that says, "Go to GPS" or "Go to On-Campus".

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