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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Blackboard?

To log into Blackboard:Go to in your browser’s address bar.Select Student Login.On the login screen, enter your Sullivan University email address and password. If you are already logged into your email account or the Student Portal you will already be authenticated.

How to access your Blackboard Learn account?

You need three pieces of information to access Blackboard:The web address of your institution's Blackboard Learn siteYour usernameYour password

How to sign into Blackboard?

To Login to BlackboardYou can either go directly to in your browser’s address bar, or you can go to the UALR homepage at, click the Quick Links menu, and select ‘Blackboard’ ...On the login screen, enter your UA Little Rock email address as the user ID and the corresponding PasswordClick the Log In button

How do I Change my Blackboard Learn password?

Use these steps if your institution allows you to reset your password:Navigate to the URL where you access Blackboard.On the login page, select Forgot Your Password? or Forgot Password?Type your first name, last name, and username. You need an active email address associated with your account to receive instructions. ...Select Submit.

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