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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the NCO Academy blackboard?

If you are having issues signing in to blackboard, contact NCO Academy personnel at 573-604-2619, 931-802-1315, or 931-320-0075. 4. All BLC candidates will consist of reserved ATRRS slotted Soldiers.

What do I need to know to be a BLC candidate?

All BLC Candidates need to become extremely familiar with basic Drill & Ceremony and Physical Readiness Training (PRT). At this time with the distance learning course PRT and D&C will not be evaluated, if changes in HPCON allow, they may be evaluated on PRT and Drill and Ceremony at the end of the course.

How do I enroll in a BLC course?

This will bring up a list of BLC courses for your school. The Course ID for your BLC Course is E400_600-C44_2020_005_00_N. You will need to scroll through the pages to find the course. Hover over Course ID in blue, select drop down immediately beside the course ID, click, and select Enroll in blue box.

Do I need a Fort Campbell computer account to attend BLC?

If the student signs out a government computer, the student will be required to have a Fort Campbell computer account. It is the UNIT responsibility to ensure this happens prior to the student being issued a computer from the NCOA. b. Reliable internet access, personal or government issued computer meeting all requirements for BLC attendance.

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