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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLC leadership training?

BLC focuses on leadership training. The course produces battle-competent junior NCOs who are qualified team/section/squad leaders, trainers of leader and war fighting skills, evaluators and counselors, conductors/participants in individual and collective training, and performers/teachers of leader skills, knowledge and attitudes. a.

What is the Fort Bliss NCO Academy's BLC?

The Fort Bliss NCO Academy’s BLC is a non-MOS specific leadership course that provides Soldiers with the basic tools to do what is expected of them as noncommissioned officers. Students are provided opportunities to practice and demonstrate what they are taught in a fast-paced and challenging atmosphere.

How many hours is the BLC?

The BLC is a 22-academic day course consisting of 169 academic hours. The course map below shows a listing of the lessons that make up the course. It reflects the mandatory sequence, the lesson identification number, the lesson title, the length of the lesson (total), and the phase for rotation purposes.

Can a soldier be flagged for BLC?

Additionally, Soldiers attending BLC can’t be flagged (SFPA – Suspension of Personnel Favorable Action), nor have Temporary Profiles. Ensure all Soldiers (including ATRRS slotted, walk-ons, COMPO-1, COMPO-2, and COMPO-3) submit an enrollment packet to 1AD Schools (Ms. Webb-Sosa and/or SSG Adams) no later than two weeks before the report date.

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