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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BJC mean?

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) is an introductory computer science curriculum developed at the University of California, Berkeley, intended for non-CS majors at the high school junior through undergraduate freshman level.

What is BJC AP CS?

It was one of the five initial pilot programs for the AP CS Principles course being developed by the College Board and the National Science Foundation. We offer it as CS10 at Berkeley. How is BJC Special? We're bringing BJC to New York City!

What is BJC insiders?

BJC Insiders. By registering with BJC Insiders you get the chance to be the first to receive the latest concert announcements and rumors about upcoming shows, request your favorite acts, participate in contests and giveaways plus see candid photos and behind the scenes stories from past shows!

What can I do to support BJC?

Leave a message of support or gratitude for BJC team members to help lift their spirits. Choose a physician or provider that is best for you and your family. Find a convenient care close to you for minor illnesses, injuries, and COVID-19 testing.

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