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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a bi-weekly time card calculator?

Use this bi-weekly time card calculator to track two weeks of work at a time. Tracking time on a bi-weekly (or semi-monthly) basis means your payroll department saves time on processing. Submitting timesheets and reviewing documents less frequently gives your team more time to perfect the processes that grow the business.

How do I use a time card calculator biweekly?

Select the day of the week you want the time card calculator to start at. The Day column will automatically be filled in with the correct days. If you want the date included for each day (e.g. Mon 1/1, Tue 1/2, etc.), select the month, day, and year of the first day of the pay period. If not, leave the month set to N/A .

What are the benefits of a biweekly time sheet calculator?

The biweekly timesheet calculator will automatically deduct the times entered for breaks and give you a total in hours and minutes and for the entire two week period. This calculator works pretty much exactly the same was as our weekly time card calculator.

How do I use a time card calculator?

Time card calculator can calculate your payroll based on your hourly rate. Simply enable the "Show pay" option, enter your hourly rate (and currency), and the calculator will calculate and show the payment info next to the total hours. The calculator can show you the number of overtime hours once you enable “Show overtime”.

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